Department of Architecture



Architecture profession is about the process of designing spaces that enhance cultural, social, and aesthetic values of the society. In this age of advanced information and communication technologies, architecture is also being transformed. Architectural creativity is now expressed not only through computer aided drawings but also through other digital and computational studies in which augmented reality is pushing the boundaries of design thinking and building. Sustainability as a principle is integrated into material choices and building systems. Natural forms provide inspiration for biomimetic design.

Our curriculumn in the Department of Architecture is based on the cutting edge trends of the 21st century architecture education. Studio education is in the core of our program and it is supported by technical, computer-based, theoretical and history courses. Students have the opportunity to participate in many workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and field trips that are organized by the school. Our department is situated in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design that provides a unique setting with its five different departments allowing close interaction with inter-departmental activities and courses. We also have a diverse faculty base from different countries bringing the expertise of different architectural and research cultures from around the world.

Founded in 2005, İzmir University of Economics, Department of Architecture is now among the most successful architecture programs nation-wide. We manintain ties with important architects and organizations throughout the world. The location of our university, Izmir, as the birth place of Antiquity, provides immense opportunities to understand the history of architecture from ancient times to contemporary era.

In the department, maintaining a dynamic link between the industry and academia is of outmost importance. EKOTAM, Izmir University of Economics Design Research Center, as a special research collaborative program between related design industries and the academia, actively brings together stakeholders in design related projects. Our graduates find employment in national and international architectural and construction firms.

In addition to our undergraduate program, our department offers a masters degree: Master of Architecture Program. Students of architecture that are interested in doctoral program can enroll in the Ph.D. in Design Studies and specialize on their topic of interest under the supervision of an architecture faculty.

I invite you to have a further look at our webpage for more information. Thank you for your interest in our department!

Asst. Prof. Dr. Emre GÖNLÜGÜR

Department Head