Department of Architecture



Architecture, one of the oldest professions in the world history, is a spatial design process improving by means of affecting the cultural, social, economic and aesthetic values of the built environment we live in. In the present century, not only the information and communication technologies that continuously develop, but also the global problems such as climate crisis, natural disasters and pandemics inevitably transform this buit environment, hence the spatial design approaches and methods. Traditional architectural production methods have been replaced by computational methods, digital tools have replaced drawing tables, and virtual reality domain and social media have replaced the physical space. This transformation shows itself both in architectural design and construction stages.

Since it was established in 2005, İzmir University of Economics Department of Architecture has closely followed these new approaches, tools and methods, and shaped its curriculum accordingly. The program centered around design studio, has been structured to prepare the students for their professional career, with construction design and computer aided practical courses as well as nuerous technical and theoretical courses. We also have a leadinf role in online education possibilities which is indispensible for our age. Our department as part of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design which homes five different departments, is in a continuous interaction with other departments within the context of “integrated design” approach. However, the education in our department is not limited to curriculum. Our students have the chance of increasing their Professional and intellectual experiences through participation in school-led workshops, exhibitions, conferences and field trips in local and global scale. Our students have also the opportunity to familiarize with worlwide architectural practices, education and research culture. 

In our department, there is a continuous and dynamic link between construction industry and academy. Our department has taken an active role in numeous projects held as part of EKOTAM Design Research and Application Center, and found an opportunity to collaborate with local companies and institutions. In addition, our students have been conducting their internships in significant local companies in the architectural sector with the support of our full-time and part-time instructors as well as Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Thus, they find the opportunity both to gain professional experience during their undergraduate education and to get employed in national and international architecture and construction companies.

The city of İzmir, where our university is located, provides considerable opportunities in terms of gaining these skills and understanding the advancement of urban architecture, specific to its historical, geographical and cultural contexts from the antiquity towards today.

In addition to undergraduate degree in our department, there is also a Master of Architecture Thesis Program. The students who are interested in doctorate degree may continue their studies in our faculty’s Design Studies PhD Program with the advisement of our faculty staff.

I invite you to have a further look at our webpage for more information. Thank you for your interest in our department!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burkay PASİN

Department Head