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The following internships should be made in order to graduate from the undergraduate program of the Department of Architecture at Izmir University of Economics:

ARCH ST102 Freshman Workshop Internship (2 weeks-10 week days)

ARCH ST204 Sophomore Construction Site Internship (4 weeks-20 week days)

ARCH ST304 Junior Internship (4 weeks-20 week days) 


Steps to be followed by students who will do an internship:

  • Students are required to use the most up-to-date version of the Internship Acceptance Form, fill in their information, and have it signed by the internship supervisor at the firm first. Please do not forget to tick the appropriate boxes for the compulsory/voluntary or double major/minor program internships.

  • After the signature of the internship supervisor is received, the form will be submitted to Res. Asst. Gözde D. Turhan (D Block, 5th floor, Open office) and a DofArch internship code will be assigned to you to follow up on the internship. After receiving the code, students must have this form signed by one of the internship committee members.

  • As the last step, the students must submit the form approved by the supervisor and the internship committee, with the internship code on it, together with the Health Insurance Eligibility Verification document taken from e-devlet to the Career Guidance Center (A Block 1st floor) at the latest 15 days before the internship start date. The original acceptance form with the signature of the commission and the DofArch code number should be submitted to Res. Asst. Gözde D. Turhan (D Block, 5th floor, Open office) ON THE SAME DAY when the code and signature are received.

  • If you are a transfer student coming via DGS/intibak or any exchange program and if you would like the committee to recognize your previously conducted internship as an equivalent, please write a petition to the Head of the Architecture Department and prepare your internship report in accordance with the format determined by IUE Architecture department, submit them together to the Document Registry Services at A Block.


Internship committee members:

  • Lecturer Michael Edward Young (michael.young@ieu.edu.tr) (coordinator)

Office hours: by appointment

  • Lecturer Hugh David Clarke (hugh.clarke@ieu.edu.tr)

Office hours: by appointment

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Lale Başarır (lale.basarir@ieu.edu.tr)

Office hours: by appointment

  • Lecturer Dr. Ece Küreli Gülpınar (ece.kureli@ieu.edu.tr)

Office hours: by appointment

  • Res. Asst. Dr. Gözde D. Turhan (gozde.turhan@iue.edu.tr)

Office: D Block, 5th Floor, Open office


Internships must be done according to the principles specified in the IUE Internship Guide:

Internship reports at the Department of Architecture are prepared in English in A4 size for all three internship types (ARCH ST102, ARCH ST204, ARCH ST304) and are submitted to the department internship committee within 1 week at the latest, following the completion of the internship. In order for the internships to be considered successful, the following points should be considered in addition to the ones stated in the IEU Internship Guide while writing the report:


The internship submission should consist of:

  • Internship report checklist

  • Cover page

  • Contents

  • Summary

  • Answers to questions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th questions)

  • Daily report pages as a response to the 5th question

  • Internship place evaluation form

  • Photocopy of the approved internship acceptance form

  • Intern evaluation form in a sealed, stamped and signed envelope with the code number on it


In the daily report section of the internship report, an A4 page is filled in for each day of the internship in response to the 5th question. This page should contain a text of 100 words minimum and 2 images (photographs, sketches, detail drawings, etc.) related to the work done that day. In addition, the date of the relevant day should be indicated in the upper right corner of each page. Each page should be stamped and signed by the internship supervisor at the firm.


  • Click for the volume format of the Internship Report.

  • The Internship Place Evaluation Form must be filled in by the intern and submitted with the report.

  • The Intern Evaluation Form must be filled in accordance with Article 3 of the Internship Procedures Section (p. 8) and submitted in a stamped, signed and sealed envelope with the code number on it.

  • The internship report checklist must be marked and signed on the first page of the Internship Report.

  • All pages of the internship report must be stamped and signed by the internship institution.

You can reach the documents of the relevant forms, which are also available in the annex of the IEU Internship Guide, from the links below:

Internship Acceptance Form

Intern Evaluation Form

Internship Place Evaluation Form


IEU Internship Guide - Questions to be answered 


Important notes:

  • Saturdays and public holidays are not counted within the internship period.

  • The most up-to-date formats of the internship acceptance forms should be checked at https://kariyer.ieu.edu.tr/tr/forms in order to avoid problems in the internship follow-up.

  • Remote work is not allowed for ARCH ST102, ARCH ST204, and ARCH ST304 internships.

  • Internships can be done during the summer period and during the break. Only students who are at the graduation stage can be given the right to do an internship during the semester if deemed appropriate by the commission.


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