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The following internships should be made in order to graduate from the undergraduate program of the Department of Architecture at Izmir University of Economics:

  • ST102 Freshman Workshop Internship (2 weeks-10 week days)
  • ST204 Sophomore Construction Site Internship (4 weeks-20 week days)
  • ST304 Junior Internship (4 weeks-20 week days) 



  1. By the 2020 Summer, students may perform only ST304 internship by remote working according to the Departmental Policies. Remote working is not allowed for ST102 and ST204.
  2. Internships may be conducted in Summer or semester break. 4th year students can be allowed to conduct their remaning internships if the comittee approves.
  3. Internship Acceptance Form should be signed and stamped by the company and sent to one of the comittee members via e-mail at least 15 days before the internship starts. Each student is assigned a code number to follow up. Please forward the approved and coded form to Career Guidance Center, together with the other documents (insurance, ID scan).
  4. Final evaluation of Internships will be based on the Quality and Completeness of the Internship Report.
  5. During the pandemic, the internship application documents must be sent to the Internship Committee and Career Guidance Center by e-mail. For detailed information, please visit https://kariyer.ieu.edu.tr/tr page.
  6. You will submit the digital version of the Internship Report, together with a photograph of the signed envelope containing the Intern Evaluation Form to Res. Asst. Gözde Damla Turhan (gozde.turhan@ieu.edu.tr). Please use the following names for your files:

2021_xxx_NameSurname_report.pdf (checklist, report, internship place evaluation form)
2021_xxx_NameSurname_eval.pdf (intern evaluation form)

("xxx" is your DofArch internship code number. Remember to use your own name in place of "NameSurname")

  1. A single page should be filled in for each day of the internship as indicated in Question 5 (p. 10). In this page, a 150 words text and two images (photo, sketch, detail drawing, etc.) regarding what has been done in that particular day should take place. In addition, the date should be indicated on top-right of each page.
  2. Remote Working Internship may be attempted with the following additional requirements:
    1. Reports shall have the same format as the traditional, in-office internship report.
    2. Reports shall include the same materials as the traditional, in-office internship report.
    3. Reports shall include an appendix containing the Supplemental Documents for Remote Working Internship listed below. (A3 format)
    4. Internship supervisors shall record a Timesheet of intern’s DAILY working hours (certified and submitted together with the “Internship Evaluation Form”)
    5. In order compensate for the lack of exposure to coordination activities that otherwise occurs organically in in-office internships, Interns performing Remote Working Internships, working closely with the Internship Supervisor, are required to provide coordination documents together with a summary, written by the intern, of the coordination issues specific to each document. Documents should reflect the level of development of the project that the Intern is assigned to (Conceptual, Schematic, or Documentation)
      • Structural Engineering Framing Plan*
      • Summary of Structural Engineering coordination issues written by Intern**
      • Electrical Engineering Plot Plan (site supply and distribution plan)
      • Electrical Schematic (one-line drawing)
      • Electrical Floor plan*
      • Summary of Electrical Engineering coordination issues written by Intern**
      • Mechanical Engineering Schematic Section (one-line drawing)
      • Summary of Mechanical Engineering coordination issues written by Intern**

* if multi-story, one plan is sufficient

**  Summaries should include sketches, notes, overlays of Engineering Documents as necessary.


We will announce procedures for submitting the physical documents when the university's procedures are announced.



Internship Committee Members


Lecturer Michael Edward Young (michael.young@ieu.edu.tr) (koordinatör)

Office hours: By appointment


Lecturer Hugh David Clarke (hugh.clarke@ieu.edu.tr)

Office hours: By appointment


Asst. Prof. Dr. Lale Başarır (lale.basarir@ieu.edu.tr)

Office hours: By appointment


Lecturer Dr. Ece Küreli Gülpınar (ece.kureli@ieu.edu.tr)

Office hours: By appointment


Besides departmental requirements, the Internships should be conducted in accordance with the items available in the IUE Internship Guide:

IUE Internship Guide



After the pandemic;

  • Click here for the binding format of the report.
  • Internship Place Evaluation Form should be filled in by the student; one copy should be submitted in hand and the original should be bound on the reverse of the report.
  • Intern Evaluation Form should be filled in by the Responsible Staff in the Internship Place in accordance with Item 3 (p. 8) and submitted to the Committee preferably in hand, within a sealed envelope on which the code number of the student is written.
  • Internship Report Check List should be on the first page of Internship Report as ticked and signed.


You may access the forms, which are also available as appendices in the IUE Internship Guide, from the following links:

Internship Acceptance Form  

Intern Evaluation Form    

Internship Place Evaluation Form  

Internship Report Check List 


Important Notes:

  • Saturdays and official holidays are not counted within the internship period.
  • In order to avoid problems in internship follow-up, the most up-to-date formats of the internship acceptance forms should be checked at https://kariyer.ieu.edu.tr/tr/formlar.











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